My dear students…welcome back to school!

I know…you feel blue.


Yesterday you could sleep late and do whatever you wanted.

Today you are here, in fornt of a PC…revising your English lessons.

Are you ready?


STEP 1 => Click on the following links to revise some grammar.

A. present simple vs present progressive => CLICK HERE!

B. past simple vs past progressive => CLICK HERE!

C. past simple vs past perfect => CLICK HERE!

D. past simple vs present perfect simple => CLICK HERE!

E. present perfect simple vs present perfect progressive => CLICK HERE!


STEP 2 => Go to QUIZLET (now you are 4G TUR 2017/2018) and revise the following sets:

A. means of transport

B. types of holiday

C. collocations with travel, trip and journey

D. At the airport

E. Food adjectives


Soon you are going to have your first written test (with mark, of course!)