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History of tourism: a timeline (4G)

Did Romans travel for pleasure?   Were Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo tourists when they traavelled from Florence abroad? OBJECTIVE: creating a timeline of the concept of TOURISM HOW => you can use: this  presentation your book (page 12) wikipedia any other site…


Tourism: definition and types

Click here and have a look at the PADLET. Surf the net to find the FOUR definitions required and click to insert your personal answer (as in the given example). Remember to write your name/s at the beginning of the post.


Welcome back, students of 4G!

My dear students…welcome back to school! I know…you feel blue.   Yesterday you could sleep late and do whatever you wanted. Today you are here, in fornt of a PC…revising your English lessons. Are you ready? Well… STEP 1 => Click on the…