ABILITA’ CHE SI INTENDE SVILUPPARE: Distinguere e utilizzare le principali tipologie testuali, comprese quelle tecnico-professionali, in base alle costanti che le caratterizzano.


You work as a travel agent and you are asked to create an itinerary in the USA.

WHAT: Prepare a brochure using this web tool.

  • a short description at the beginning (remember to identify a target!)
  • a day-by-day description of the itinerary (with dates!) *
  • a map with the destinations ( =>  + strumento di cattura immagine =>
  • at least two attractive pictures WITHOUT ROYALTIES
  • the price

* The activities must be suitable for the specific customer you were assigned.

WHO: You are going to work in groups of three.

  • Cardillo, Boanini, Cassese => Be green: a tour of the National Parks!
  • Rossetti, Di Laudo, Fortezza => The best of East…by train (NYC- Philadelphia-Washington)
  • Lotti, Maldotti, Boucou => Along the Pacific Coast by motorbike (from San Francisco to Los Angeles)
  • Boldi, Fortezza, Tzenu => Highlights of Alaska
  • Miliani, Cascio, Sbaccheri => Coast to coast on self-drive

WHEN: 4 hours