Engage unit 1: Family matters



  • to revise vocab. related to FAMILY and RELATIONSHIPS
  • to revise present simple and present progressive/continuous

=> Activity 1: vocab. (family members)

Click HERE and do the interactive exercise.

=> Activity 2: vocab. (relationships)

Click HERE and register using your school account (es. mario.rossi@iisagnoletti.it). Then do the given set! (Relationships)

=> Activity 3: grammar (comparative and superlative, LIKE vs AS)

=> Activity 4: grammar (present tenses)

Watch the video (only the first 5′ and 40”), print (or copy) the map uploaded on Spaggiari > Didattica. Complete it with the missing information.

N.B.: PRESENT SIMPLE and PRESENT CONTINUOUS are also used to speak about the future….When? Write down your ideas. We’ll discuss them together.

Activity 5: Some verbs can be STATIVE AND DYNAMIC with DIFFERENT meanings:

-present simple (ex. You are stupid, Sei stupido)
-present continuous = ‘behaving’ or ‘acting’ (You are being stupid = ti stai comportando da stupido)
-present simple = possess
(ex. I have a car, Posseggo una macchina)
-present continuous = part of an expression
(ex. I’m having a party / a picnic / a bath / a good time / a break)
-present simple = have an opinion
(ex. I think that coffee is great, Penso che il caffè sia una gran cosa)
-present continuous = consider, have in my head
(ex. I’m thinking about my next holiday, Sto valutando (cosa fare) le mie prossime vacanze.
-present simple= see with your eyes / understand
(ex. I see what you mean, Capisco cosa intendi)
-present continuous = meet / have a relationship with
(ex. I’m seeing Robert tomorrow, Incontro Robert domani)
-present simple = has a certain taste (avere un gusto…)
This soup tastes great
-present continuous = the action of tasting (assaggiare)
The chef is tasting the soup

FINAL ACTIVITY: Some interactive exercises

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